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Elaine Hendrix (Lisa Ludor) can be seen on the space tv as a news anchor while you're waiting in line for Space Mountain at Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando.

This may just be a coincidence. Romy went to ALANON to look for a William Morris agent, and Mira Sorvino's agent is from William Morris.

The service guys are watching The Simpsons. Inside joke for the director, David Mirkin, also a producer of The Simpsons

In Romy's dream, there's bannanas and carrots everywhere. Probably an ongoing flashback to the magnets Christie put on her back.

"I've noticed Michele is always on the left (as we look at it) of Romy except when Michele sees Romy upset talking to the A group when Heather has just blown their lie. And except when Michele plucks an eyebrow hair off Heather in their shop." - Eloise Roach-Rooke

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