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all sounds sampled at 11khz, 8bit mono.

alcoholic.wav (38k)
Romy: "Hi, my name is Romy, and I'm an alcoholic."

bloodyshoe.wav (56k)
Romy: "Would you excuse me.  I cut my foot before and my show is filling up with blood."

day.wav (19k)
Romy: "Have a Romy and Michele Day."

columbus.wav (60k)
Romy: "You are Columbus and I am America.  Discover me Ramon, just discover me!"

earthquake.wav (82k)
Romy: "Is that an earthquake? No, it's Rrrramon!  Oh it's Ramon."

newdiet.wav (48k)
Romy: "All I've had to eat for the past 6 days are Gummi Bears, jelly beans, and candy corns."

baby.wav (25k)
Michele: "Do you think you can stop being such a baby?"

buttcrack.wav (36k)
Michele: "God, this underwear is totally riding up my butt crack."

selltheshit.wav (50k)
Michele: "If you would just give me the chance, I know I could, like,  sell the shit out of this stuff."

babygirl.wav (77k)
Michele: "I've given birth to my own baby girl.  You know, only she's like a big giant girl who smokes and says shit a lot."

hairroots.wav (38k)
Michele: "Romy, you look so good with blonde hair and black roots, it's like not even funny."

musicman.wav (37k)
Michele: (singing) "Oh the Wells Fargo wagon is a coming down the street."

ok.wav (27k)
Michele: "Um, ok."

glue.wav (311k)
Michele: "Ordinarily when you make glue, first you need to thermoset your resin and then after it cools you mix in expoxide.  Which is just a fancy shmancy name for any simple  oxygenated adhesive, right.  Then I thought maybe, just maybe you can raise the viscosity by adding a complex glucose derivative during the emulsification process.  And it turns out, I was right."

lethershop.wav (24k)
Michele: "I just get really happy when they finally let her shop."

babymonkeys.wav (30k)
Michele: "I hope your babies look like monkeys."

legacy.wav (39k)
Heather Mooney: "This dress exacerbates the genetic betrayal that is my legacy."

invention.wav (24k)
Heather Mooney: "Twice the taste and half the time for the gal on the go."

landed.wav (43k)
Toby Walters: "Hey everybody, Sandy Frink just landed in a helicopter!"

footloose.wav (149k)
Romy and Michele attempt to sing Footloose.

virginity.wav (59k)
Michele: "Who lost their virginity first?"
Romy: "Oh big wow with your cousin Barry, I wouldn't brag about it."

dance.wav (113k)
Sandy Frink: "Will you dance with me?"
Michele: "(pause) Only if Romy can dance with us."
Sandy Frink: "Sure."

barf.wav (66k)
Michele: "Remember that time I barfed from really bad Mexican food? So gross."
Romy: "I hate throwing up in public."
Michele: "Me too!"

easytoget.wav (118k)
Romy: "And all we really need is maybe some like better jobs and boyfriends, right?"
Michele: "Yeah. (pause) But ok, if those things were so easy to get wouldn't we already have them?"

funnest.wav (73k)
Romy: "I think you are like the funnest person I know."
Michele: "Me too!"

maryroda.wav (110k)
Michele: "I'm the Mary and your the Roda."
Romy: "That's ridiculous, you're the Roda, you're the Jewish one."
Michele: "Oh my god.  I'm talking cuteness wise, Romy.   Ok.  And in cuteness wise, I'm the Mary."

promdance.wav (331k)
Michele: "You know maybe he's like past out in the bathroom.   You want me to go check?"
Romy: "He's not in the bathroom Michele."
Michele: "I'll dance with you Romy."
Romy: "Ok."
Michele: "Ok."

shittinme.wav (42k)
Romy: "It's Romy, Romy White!"
Heather Mooney: "You're shitin me."   

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