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These are the ones I found so far or people have submitted:

Jaguar Dealership:

  • After Heather demonstrates the quick burning paper, the cigarette is long again.
  • A strand of Heather's hair is hanging in front of her face from the side view.
  • Romy enters the service department and a guy looks at Romy..and in the next shot..he is still watching TV.

Trip to Tucson:

  • The box in the back of the Jag disappears.
  • Romy's straw in the arm rest changes angles a lot.
  • When they're fighting, the lighting keeps changing on their faces.
  • When christy is telling all the success stories, Heather has beer dribbled all over her dress in front the first time. The next time She doesn't. Then a third time is when she actually spits it all over her dress. It may not be in that exact sequence but I know she has it on her dress and then she doesn'

Michele's Dream:

  • The antenna on the back of the limo breaks off, but it's back on when the limo exits the building and is gone again when they drive off.
  • The antenna flies off to the side, but the next shot shows it landed right behind the limo.

Looking at yearbook:

  • Romy's cup changes hands.
  • The picture of the cheerleading A group is jumping, but the insert shot shows them standing around.

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